Team Structure

Our team-based structure provides a distinctive advantage in the overall success of the organization. Common processes and integrated team based concepts allow for effective and efficient program management. The Major Tool & Machine culture of effective team behaviors allows us to fulfill our mission and vision. We measure the performance of our teams through feedback channels that allow for continual improvement. This element is essential to the team’s ability to meet and exceed their objectives. Through the team process, with a focus on our vision of being our customer’s premier supplier, we can provide the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. The Major Tool & Machine team is committed to providing superior customer value through our mission and vision.

Our highly effective teams include:

  • CFT (Customer Focused Teams) – Program Management, Process Engineering, Regional & Market Based Sales
  • Manufacturing Teams – CNC programming, Tooling, Operations
  • Support Teams – Quality, Accounting, Maintenance, Human Resources, Information Systems

We maintain cross-functional support teams for special projects such as Six-Sigma projects, performance improvements, and other short-term challenges that need expertise to come together to solve a problem. Whether an employee is part of a short term or permanent functional team, the goal is to achieve success through performance and utilize the classical components of teamwork to meet each objective in a timely and efficient manner.

Each month our Manufacturing, CFT, and Support teams hold a Workplace Meeting. This is a devoted time for each team to communicate important team-based and corporate information. Every team is empowered to hold other meetings as needed to ensure all customer specific requirements are met.

We empower each team to develop a continuous improvement project throughout the year and to present each project to a panel of customers and managers. Each team must demonstrate S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-Bound) goals and encourage participation of all members during the course of the projects. Full engagement of our Manufacturing, CFT, and Support Teams is vital to our success.

MTM Recognized by RaytheonJune 3, 2015

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