Assembly & Testing

Though Major Tool & Machine is well equipped to handle any stand alone fabrication and machining requirement, it is often the integration of these talents, combined with higher level assembly and testing, that brings the value added our customers demand. We have developed and employ the qualified personnel and systems that allow Major Tool to assemble and test to exacting requirements. From critical braking systems for the Disney Tower of Terror, to precision carting systems for the delivery of mercury targets to the world’s largest neutron spallation source, to mission critical radar defense systems, to ultra-critical radioactive materials transport, storage and emplacement systems.

Wherever the mission, whatever the system, Major Tool delivers value.

On-Site Blast & Paint Click to expand +

Major Tool & Machine has in-house capability to blast, prime, and paint components and assemblies over 30′.
Our paint booth provides a controlled, dust free environment, with which both conventional and airless methods are used. Our blast booth is roughly 60’x20’x13.5′ while our paint booth is 33’x20’x16′.

High Temperature Cure Oven Click to expand +

The company has a 650 ºF-capable oven that is 20’long, 24’deep, and 8’tall.

Large Volume Assembly Click to expand +

Our 6,000+ sq. ft. Semi-clean, “Blue Room”, was specifically designed for components that have strict cleanliness requirements. The majority of our mechanical, hydro, helium, and electrical assembly requirements are best suited for a dedicated clean-room.

“High-Bay” Final Assembly Area Click to expand +

Our 7,500 sq. ft. High-Bay Assembly area is where we do the bulk of our heavy lifting. Our 90,000 lb lift capacity in this area is capable of handling the most rigorous of parts. We also have in-house capability to design and build lifting rigs tailored to your specific project.

Helium Leak Testing Click to expand +

The industries we support routinely require leak testing of the products that we manufacture. As a result, we have developed a comprehensive, in-house, leak-testing capability. Our extensive set of approved procedures, trained leak-testing technicians, and an equipment mix give us the leading edge over the competition. Our leak testing procedures are approved in accordance with ASME Section V Article 10, and ANSI N14.5.

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Click to expand +

Major Tool & Machine performs its own in-house hydrostatic pressure testing. For Nuclear requirements, testing is performed to ASME Section III, NB-6000. For pressure vessel requirements, testing is performed to ASME Section XIII, UG-99.

MTM Recognized by RaytheonJune 3, 2015

Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems (IDS) has recently recognized Major Tool & Machine Inc. for its performance and commitment to... Read More +