Program Management

Dedicated program management is recognized at Major Tool & Machine as being paramount to our customers’ satisfaction. Our Customer Focused Teams (CFT’s) are at the core of our commitment to customer satisfaction. Major Tool’s CFT’s are organized by the markets we serve. The teams vary in size, based upon need, but always consist of a dedicated team leader and multiple, degreed engineers. The CFT’s dedicate themselves to understanding the complexities of the market they serve and the dynamics of our individual customers represented within those markets.

This customer relationship begins at the quoting stages, by our CFT’s speaking with our customers’ appropriate personnel and asking the questions that are pertinent. This allows us to develop a detailed response that incorporates a well thought out process. Upon award, that CFT is responsible for the planning, release, program management, and customer reporting activities throughout the life of the program. To further enhance their efforts and total customer satisfaction, the CFT’s are supported by procurement, production control, and quality assurance personnel throughout the Major Tool organization.

MTM Recognized by RaytheonJune 3, 2015

Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems (IDS) has recently recognized Major Tool & Machine Inc. for its performance and commitment to... Read More +