On Sept 24th senior representatives from NASA visited Major Tool and Machine. The purpose of their visit was to present to all our employees the future of space travel, and thank them for their hard work and dedication in meeting critical program milestones to date. After a successful and informative day a message was sent to our President/COO (Rick Wiegand) from one of the visitor’s.


Please pass along our sincere thank you to your team for the tremendous visit today! Major Tool has impressive capability and you have delivered extremely well for Ares IX, J-2X, ATK, and Orion. Your work on the Space Launch System will help this country go beyond low earth orbit and explore the solar system. The dedication, professionalism, and enthusiasm displayed by you and your team are key elements to the exploration success!

Thank you for the informative and impressive tour, and the time to thank the team for their great work! We look forward to a successful partnership!


Dan Dumbacher
NASA HQ, Human Exploration, ESD

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