Inspection Capabilities

Major Tool & Machine utilizes some of the most advanced measurement equipment available to control the requirements that our customer’s complex projects require. This is accomplished through the use of four fixed-based Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM’s), two portable laser tracking CMM’s and two 12′ broken arm CMM’s. Our largest fixed based CMM has a measuring volume of 320″ x 100″ x 72″ while our laser tracking CMM’s provide us with the flexibility to accurately measure large, tightly toleranced products anywhere throughout our facilities. All CMM’s are equipped with model-based inspection software, providing us with the ability to verify results using customer supplied CAD models.

In addition to the automated inspection equipment, we have over 4,000 calibrated gages in our database, allowing us the flexibility needed to meet almost any inspection requirement. Although the inspection methods and equipment are technically advanced, our true strength is in our personnel. Within our quality department we have over 150 years of inspection experience. This combined with detailed inspection plans and LEAN principles provide complete, accurate and thorough inspection results for our customers.

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  • Coordinate Measuring Machine (4 Machines)
  • Portable Laser Tracking (2 Machines)
  • Broken-Arm Coordinate Measuring Device (2 Machines)

Dimensional inspection results, Nondestructive Testing certifications and all supplier-provided documentation are electronically captured and integrated into Major Tool’s ERP system. Requirements for these documents are entered into the ERP system during Quality Planning activities and processes are prevented from moving forward unless these requirements are met during manufacturing operations. By electronically capturing the requirements during the manufacturing process, Major Tool is able to quickly provide our customers with an accurate, thorough, and professional data package that meets all of their requirements. Data packages can be provided in a PDF format or in an HTML based format that makes navigating through a multiple page document quick and easy.

MTM Recognized by RaytheonJune 3, 2015

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