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Breaking News!  April 25, 2014

Indianapolis, Indiana – April 25, 2014

Major Tool & Machine is extremely proud to partner with Boeing and NASA for such an important and Game Changing Development Program for the SLS program.

In December 2013, Major Tool and Machine successfully shipped on-time, critical components for NASA and Boeing’s Game Changing composite rocket propellant tank. According to an Industry News Article posted by Composites World in April, “NASA reported on April 9 that it’s and Boeing’s engineers are inspecting and preparing one of the largest composite rocket propellant tanks ever manufactured for testing.”

Major Tool & Machine was responsible for manufacturing the two (2) 18-foot-diameter (5.5-meter) Finger Rings and (1) Load Ring of similar diameter, the orange ends that attach to the 28,000-gal/105,992-liter tank. Composites World also notes, “The orange ends of the tank are made of metal and will attach to the test stand so that structural loads can be applied similar to those the tank would experience during a rocket launch.”

Boeing’s Subcontract Manager, Mark Mihalco, praised Major Tool’s efforts on the program; “Thanks again for all of your dedication and hard work to get this done. It’s been a year since we started this effort and it’s good to see it come to fruition.”

Visit our social media sites to see the Finger Rings being manufactured!

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For more information with regard to this program, please visit:
NASA Engineers Prepare Game Changing Cryotank for Testing
NASA, Boeing prepare for cryotank testing


MTM Introduces Activate Health Care!  February 14, 2014

Indianapolis, Indiana – February 14, 2014

Does your employer provide you and your family with the best health care options available?

On February 3rd, 2014, Major Tool & Machine opened it’s very own Activate Health and Wellness Center to provide World-Class Health Care treatment to insured employees and their families. Our full-time Doctor and Physician Assistant are dedicated to providing on-site preventive and acute care to all members. We firmly believe healthier people are the foundation to our collective business success through higher employee morale, increased productivity and lower healthcare costs.

Major Tool & Machine’s wellness program positively impacts the lives of our most important assets: our employees and their families. Our mission is to promote physical, mental, and financial well-being through an innovative approach to wellness, empowering individuals to take responsibility for their own health, and providing the tools and resources to manage rising healthcare costs.

To learn more about what Activate Health Care can do for you, visit: http://www.activatehealthcare.com/majortool/default.html


All-New MTM Fitness Center  January 30, 2014

Indianapolis, Indiana – January 30, 2014

Picture having your own private gym seconds away from where you work, filled with state-of-the-art equipment and the cost is absolutely free! Major Tool & Machine is proud to announce the Grand Opening of our new 2,500sq ft. Health & Wellness Fitness Center. Previously located in Building 20, the new Fitness Center has been significantly revamped and relocated to our brand new MTM’s 4U Building.

We have tripled the size of the room and doubled the number of weight lifting and cardio machines. We want our hard-working employees to be among the healthiest in the City and have access to unlimited, world class equipment. Are you working with the best?


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2014 INTMA Machining Contest  January 6, 2014

Indianapolis, Indiana – January 6, 2014

Students from around Indiana will come together once again for the 11th Annual INTMA High School Machining Contest. This year’s event is scheduled to take place on Saturday, January 18th, 2014 starting at 8:00 am. The Contest is being held at Ivy Tech’s Indianapolis Campus in the Technology Building.

Students from around the state will be competing for a cash prize and will be judged in seven categories including: milling, turning, grinding, Bridgeport head tram, inspection, drill sharpening and a written test.
Major Tool & Machine is proud to partner with the INTMA for this annual contest. As active members of the Indianapolis Chapter of the National Machining & Tooling association, we are always looking to support and educate the next generation of highly skilled machinists within Indianapolis and surrounding communities.


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MTM Expands Manufacturing Capacity  October 29, 2013

Indianapolis, Indiana – October 29, 2013

Major Tool & Machine is proud to announce our first new Fives, Giddings & Lewis, VTC-2500 is complete and ready for production. Our second identical machine will be operational on 12.01.13. The Fives, G&L VTC is the latest addition to our Custom Manufacturing Division and gives us the expanded capacity and flexibility to turn some of our customers’ most critical and complex parts.

This brand new Vertical Turning Center is equipped with a live spindle, a new Siemens 840D Control and utilizes both Part and Tool Probing capabilities. The table diameter is 2500mm (98.4in) with a max swing of 2700mm (106.3 in) and capable of turning parts up to 2440mm (96.0 in) tall.

Contact us by visiting www.majortool.com to learn more about the machine capabilities and capacity.


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Health and Safety Is No Accident  July 24, 2013

Recently, Major Tool purchased powered air purifying respirators (PAPR’s) for all of our welders to better protect them from fumes and particulate generated from welding and grinding.

Prior to having the PAPR’s, where a welder was positioned in relation to fumes, even when using other engineered controls, made a big difference in their personal exposure. We always optimize the position of our larger parts and odd configurations to minimize exposure. There are still situations that make it difficult for the person to position themselves away from welding fumes even after optimizing the best part positions and using previously available engineered controls. The PAPR helmets eliminate any exposure no matter how our employees are positioned. The helmets allow our welders to grind or weld wearing the same helmet which improves productivity by reducing time and effort of the person to make equipment changes. In addition to the benefits of fume and particulate protection, it also provides extra protection against potential flash burns to the eyes. For added welder comfort the PAPR system also helps to keep our employees cool during welding.





Are you working with the best?  April 11, 2013

Would you like to work with the best and brightest people in the manufacturing industry? Major Tool and Machine is always looking for highly skilled and talented employees. We always have career opportunity openings for talented, high-energy individuals who have the desire to work within a team environment and are focused to meet customer needs.

Have you seen the new MTM billboard? We recently installed four billboards around the west side of the Indy area.

Here are the areas they can be found:

  • North-West: I-65 & 865
  • West: I-74 West of 465
  • South-West: I-70 West of Plainfield
  • South: SR 37 South of 465




More locations to come in the near future:


To find out more about working with Major, check out our career page at


or please visit our social network pages at:

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MTM Delivers Mid Span Support  March 1, 2013

MTM recently delivered the second Mid Span Support to ATK in Utah for a QM-2 Rocket Motor test. The project is another example of MTM’s commitment to reducing cost and delivering what our customers need. “These long standing partners had the proven expertise that provided some clear benefits in fabricating a duplicate tool, including reduced cost and improved fabrication timeline.”

From Fred Brasfield, Vice President said this about MTM “long-standing history with ATK and have once again proven their worth as a deserving partner. We appreciate their ability to perform as required.”









Exceptional Performance  January 7, 2013

Major Tool & Machine was recently presented a letter of commendation and plaque from one of our key customers in recognition of a challenging project we recently shipped.

We are proud to be part of a Team that delivered a critical application, quality part on time. This project is another fine example of how our Customer Focused Teams (CFT’s) provide our customers with effective and efficient program management.











NASA VISITS MTM  October 1, 2012

On Sept 24th senior representatives from NASA visited Major Tool and Machine. The purpose of their visit was to present to all our employees the future of space travel, and thank them for their hard work and dedication in meeting critical program milestones to date. After a successful and informative day a message was sent to our President/COO (Rick Wiegand) from one of the visitor’s.


Please pass along our sincere thank you to your team for the tremendous visit today! Major Tool has impressive capability and you have delivered extremely well for Ares IX, J-2X, ATK, and Orion. Your work on the Space Launch System will help this country go beyond low earth orbit and explore the solar system. The dedication, professionalism, and enthusiasm displayed by you and your team are key elements to the exploration success!

Thank you for the informative and impressive tour, and the time to thank the team for their great work! We look forward to a successful partnership!


Dan Dumbacher
NASA HQ, Human Exploration, ESD

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