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Froriep Spheromill

  • 327"X, 152"Y, 80"Z, 108" W (cross-rail), 200 deg. A, 228" table dia. w/ 526" max swing
  • 154" max height to cross-rail

Dorries Scharmann

  • 720"X, 372"Y, 98"Z, 118"W, 200 deg. A, endless C, 236" table dia. w/ 259" max swing
  • 223" max height to cross-rail

Berthiez VTL (Large)

  • 162"X, 63"Z, 99"W (cross-rail), two live spindles w/ side head, w/ 168" max swing
  • 137" max height to cross-rail
  • Two (2) 2,110" dia. pallets

Berthiez VTL (Medium)

  • 155"X, 63"Z, 48"W (cross-rail), w/ 162" max swing
  • 97" max height to cross-rail

Farrel VTL

  • 120"X, 70"Z, 112"W (cross-rail), 192" table dia. w/ 204" max swing
  • 136" max height to cross-rail

Fives, U5-2500

  • 157" table dia. w/ 195" max swing, 98"Z

Mazak e-670H II

  • 40"X, 26"Y (max swing), 162"Z - 153"W (tailstock stroke)




    Romi Horizontal Lathe

    • 15.5"X, 22.5"Y (max swing), 106"Z



    High Speed Machining

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