The MTM Institute is a world class manufacturing training and education platform developed for our employees, by our employees. In April 2014, we opened this new Training & Development center within our 4U Building on our Indianapolis campus. 

It is no secret that the world of manufacturing has been witnessing a slow-moving crisis for some years now. While for most of the 20th century vocational training at the high school level was encouraged and valued, there has for various reasons been an educational shift away from the trades in the last 20 years or so. That, coupled with the demographic challenges of a rapidly aging workforce, has put shops like MTM in an uncomfortable position, that of facing a dwindling talent pipeline at a time when we need a robust one in the worst way.

To that end, in 2013, Major Tool started laying the groundwork for an internal machinist training program. We set aside 2400 square feet of space and moved some equipment from the shop floor into a new training lab. In 2017, we purchased 3 new DMG-Mori MillTap machining centers to add to the lineup. The machines have the Siemens 840D SL control, which we utilize almost across the board in the shop. We employ PC-based Siemens Sinutrain control simulators in a classroom environment to teach the control as well.

Training Lab

Getting Started:

The machinist training program offered by MTM is six months in length. The students spend 4 hours a day in training, which consists of both classroom work and lab time. 

Class Room Objectives: While in the classroom, students will learn how to write real-live CNC Machine programs. They will be asked to validate their program and demonstrate they have used the appropriate methodologies. 

Hands On Experiences This is where the magic happens. The second half of your day will be spent in the plant learning first-hand how we properly setup parts, selecting the right speeds and feeds, and inspection methods.

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Course Objectives:

  • Part and tool probing
  • Precision measurement
  • Setup techniques, speeds and feeds
  • Learn basic CNC/Shop Math & Print Reading
  • Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T)
  • Milling, Turning, Drilling, Tapping, Thread Milling, Gaging
  • Experience with the Siemens control (Operation and Programming)

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Capstone Project

To fully demonstrate that students have mastered the curriculum, each student must complete a capstone project. This part is machined on a 60” horizontal machining center with an integrated rotary table. It is partially machined in two halves, then bolted together for final machining, and includes several close-tolerance features, such as slots and bores. It also requires thread milling, and close attention to geometric tolerances very similar to what a machinist is likely to see on the floor at MTM. The students are graded based on how accurately they machine the part to print on a feature by feature basis.

After the program, the graduate could either move directly to one of our small-to-medium size machines or mentor with an experienced machinist on a larger machine for 6 to 12 months. The successful graduate can expect to see both a pay increase and greater job responsibility. Most likely, he or she will be working in a custom machining environment with little repetitive work.