We look forward to your visit at Major Tool and Machine, Inc. in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

Please review the following information and email any changes to Visitors@majortool.com or fax to 317-634-9420 prior to your visit.

Upon your arrival you will be required to provide proof of citizenship and identification.


For U.S. persons, accepted documents for proof of citizenship include:

An original U.S. passport

A valid drivers license or government issued identification card can be used for proof of identity

Original U.S. Birth Certificate

For non-U.S. persons, accepted documents for proof of citizenship and identification include:

A valid passport

For Canadian citizens, a Canadian Enhanced Drivers Licenses can also be used

Non-U.S. persons who are unable to provide acceptable proof of citizenship will not be permitted to access the Major Tool & Machine facility.

If you have any questions regarding these requirements please contact your MTM host prior to your visit.


Please watch the following video prior to your visit to ensure compliance with our visitor safety guidelines.


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